17th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for 17th wedding anniversary of your friends or relatives, or you want to surprise your loved one at your 17th anniversary, here are some gift ideas for you. Traditional gift for the 17th anniversary is furniture.

  • A new bedroom set or dining room set will be great.
  • Consider nice antique table or comfortable sofa for the living-room.
  • Leather chair will be good.
  • Any furniture matching the design of the house will do nicely.
  • If you want to make great present, choose the table and comfortable chair and add the newest laptop.
  • There is no specific flower assigned to the 17th wedding anniversary, and you can choose her favorite flowers and create a wonderful bouquet. Add chocolate, teddy bear or champagne and she will enjoy it.
  • Vacation is lovely way to celebrate the anniversary and you may give them a stay in the honeymoon spot.
  • Traditional gems for the 17th anniversary are citrine and amethyst. Consider amethyst necklace and ring, citrine earrings and bracelet.
  • You can give 17 small and big gifts to celebrate the number of years spent together.