Belly Button Piercing Jewelry- Reptiles and their Symbolism

There is a widest choice of belly button rings nowadays as well as other body piercing jewelry in animal designs. You may find small and large, elegant and extreme belly rings in expensive materials and jewelry materials of affordable and low price. It's up to you to decide what you want to see on your belly or on the belly of your girl-friend. Choosing the belly button ring with an animal on it, you'd better think of the symbolism of the definite animal. Reptiles theme in jewelry is popular nowadays and here you'll find some information about the symbolism of various reptiles and their place in mythology. Certain reptiles were associated with magical and supernatural powers and numerous myths tell us about the symbols and superstitions on reptiles.

Serpents and snakes are widely found in mythical legends. They are still believed to have poisonous tongue though the bite of only definite varieties of snakes can be poisonous. In ancient Egypt, there usually was the snake on the crown of Pharoes. Cobra was frequently illustrated on ancient Egyptian monuments and symbolized immortality. Temptation and lust are symbolized by serpent wound around the cross with the icon of a woman's head. The triumph of good over evil is symbolized by the snake at the foot of the cross. Snake belly button rings are considered unique as they are rather rare.

Lizards are associated with the Sun and there was a belief in Australia and in the Near East that the sky would fall if somebody will kill a lizard. In ancient Greek and Egypt lizards symbolized good fortune and divine wisdom. Lizard is a symbol of resurrection in Roman mythology and is revered as "heaven god" on the Pacific islands of Maoris and Polynesia. Lizard belly button rings are rich in symbolism- they may symbolize agility, conservation, resurrection, divine wisdom and good fortune. They are associated with becoming aware of inner fears and desires and promoting the energy of change. Lizards symbolize dream time. Dreams contain unconscious perceptions of the mind and lizards help to see the importance of remembering and respecting our dreams. And this way lizard belly ring will show that you understand such importance and see and feel hidden messages in your dreams. Think of the ability of lizards to break off the tail to escape predators. And the new tail grows again. It's important to be able to leave a part of one's life behind to rescue oneself from danger in our life.

Chameleons are said to fetch fire from the Sun in Dahomey. The unique eyes of chameleon have always attracted people but nothing can compare to the ability of these reptile to change the skin color to blend with the background. Modern men associate chameleon with inconsistent personality. And if you wear chameleon belly ring, you may be understood as the person who easily change her mind.

Turtle was chided for its lubricity and slowness in classic mythology. It is associated with the Moon and earth mother, with water and time. There was a belief in ancient China that turtle had oracle powers. In Roman and Greek times turtle symbolized fertility.

Crocodile belly piercing jewelry is rather rare and it symbolizes treacherous and malignant soul. In Egypt crocodile symbolized hypocrisy, deceit, viscous passions and treachery as well as it was a symbol of sunrise.

As we can see, lizards are far better in positive and rich symbolism than other reptiles. And lizard belly button ring is really a good choice.