Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing is an old body modification and it's mentioned even in the Bible. It is said that piercing was popular among nomadic tribes about 2000 years ago. Members of royal family in ancient Egypt also pierced their bodies. Piercing symbolized strength for Roman warriors and it was a symbol of wealth and power for Egyptians, etc. Different castes and different cultures have their own associations with piercing. Last decade piercing was a kind of rebellion for the hippies. Nowadays body piercing jewelry is mainly a way to enhance the beauty and attract attention.

There are types of body piercing that have been popular since ancient times in India and other countries (nose and ear piercing), but there are some forms that appeared lately. As a form of body art and self-expression piercing has quickly become a fashion statement and for some it is even the way to increase sexual pleasures.

belly piercing cross dangle

There are different types of body piercing jewelry available in all imaginable shapes, designs, materials, gauge sizes and prices. Let's discuss the main body piercing jewelry that could be ordered at

Belly button piercing jewelry is also known as navel piercing jewelry has become extremely popular way of adornment for most women of all ages. Belly rings are part of image for belly dancers and strip show artists.

Ear piercing jewelry is probably the most common and earlobe piercing is the most popular among men and women all over the world though cartilage piercings are also widespread mainly among the youth.

Nostril piercing jewelry is extremely popular among celebrities as well as young people all over the world. There is big difference of the look of elegant nostril stud and a nose ring.

Labret piercing jewelry is popular nowadays especially in Central America but it's met rarer than nose piercing, fro example.

Nipple piercing jewelry has been existed since ancient times and nowadays most young men and women pierce nipples for sexual stimulation.

Eyebrow piercing jewelry is usually a curved barbell and it's quite popular because eyebrow piercing is less painful.

Tongue piercing jewelry is worn for various reasons and can be easily hidden if necessary.

If to speak about piercing jewelry materials we should mention that in ancient times wood, bone and other organic materials and later metals were used. Bronze, steel, titanium, sterling silver, gold, platinum, plastics and many others are popular body piercing materials these days.

The choice of jewelry is important but the main thing about piercing is taking care, especially of fresh piercings. Cleaning during healing period and avoiding contacts with clothes and tissues is of great importance.

Maintain aftercare to avoid problems and enjoy the beauty of your body and your piercing.