The Difference Between Natural and Cultured Pearls

What is the difference between natural and cultured pearls? Both grow inside oysters but cultured pearls are formed in oysters by the human implantation of nucleus while natural pears form in natural oysters. The fact that a natural pearl has thicker mother of pearl (nacre) than a cultured pearl is the other main difference.
The nacre layers on cultured and natural pearls are made up of microscopic crystals and the iridescent finish of pearls comes from their perfect alignment so that they reflect light. There are 90 per cent of calcium carbonate and 10 per cent of water and other organic substances in nacre. And the outer layer of cultured and natural pearls may look different- cultured pearls are often more iridescent than natural pearls. They also can look different inside. Usually the inner layers of a pearl can be seen only with special equipment resembling x-ray. Natural pearls have no brown lines around the nucleus while cultured pearls do show them.
The nucleus method in pearl harvesting was invented by the Japanese and the nucleus implanted in the oyster is larger than a natural pearl. Natural pearls are formed from a fish scale, a piece of shell or a parasite as a rule.
Natural pearls as well as cultured are in great demand nowadays but the most pearls are cultured. Natural pearls are rare and only one in every 10,000 oysters will produce a pearl and only few of them will have desired shape and luster. Bahrain is one of few countries where pearl divers look for natural pearls.
The appearance of both cultured and natural pearls depend on the food and water conditions where the oyster is living. Some Chinese pearl farmers grow cultured freshwater pearls which are very thick in nacre. They achieve more evenly rounded shape of the pearl by moving the nucleus of the pearl as it grows in the oyster.
Little Japanese oysters produce Akoya cultured pearls. They are usually much rounder than other cultured freshwater pearls because there are rounded beads implanted into their oysters.
Both natural and cultured pearls look great and women like pearl jewelry very much. There is a wide choice of pearl jewelry nowadays and if you searching for the gift for your loved one, your sister, mum or granny- pearl jewelry is the thing which every woman will be happy to receive.