Do You Know Interesting Facts About the Jewelry You Wear

Jewelry has become the part of our life. We wear wedding rings, stylish earrings, elegant bracelets and other jewelry in precious metals as well as costume jewelry for various reasons. Why not to find out some interesting facts about jewelry metals and gems?

  • The largest pearl that has ever been found weighs over 14pounds.
  • The gold was floating around in space before the Earth was formed and even before the solar system appeared. And this fact makes gold eternal.
  • To get one diamond good and large enough to be used in jewelry, over 100 tons of the earth's crust should be mined.
  • Opals were believed to be the pieces of Heaven and they said to bring good fortune and wisdom.
  • Aquamarine and Emerald are one and the same stone Beryl with different colors.
  • Spinel, diamond, tourmaline, sapphire and zircon come in all colors.
  • Ancient engravers used fine emeralds to stare into.
  • Iolite was used by Vikings in the navigation.
  • Red sapphire is ruby.
  • One carat red diamond was sold for one million dollars at auction.

Wear beautiful diamond jewelry, elegant sterling silver jewelry and chic gold jewelry accented with magnificent gems and find out more about them!