A Faux and a Real Pearl- What is The Difference

Pearl jewelry has been popular for many years and if you are shopping for pearl jewelry it's important to know some facts about it. The first thing you should know is the difference between faux and real pearls.

A faux pearl means any sort of pearls made of resin, plastic or glass as well as something other than true nacre. Don't confuse cultured pearl with a faux pearl. There are different ways to distinguish a real pearl from a faux pearl as well as to distinguish a real pearl from a cultured pearl.
A tooth test is the most common way to tell a real pearl from a faux pearl. Rub the pearl along the teeth and if it feels gritty it's a real pearl and if it feel smooth it's a faux pearl. This sounding test is though fairly unreliable because a false-positive response can be caused.

Real pearls have bumps in them and are irregularly shaped because they are made up of many different layers of nacre. So, you can detect it against the tooth. And faux pearls are usually machine-made of glass or plastic. So, they will be smooth. But there are many exceptions to this. Faux pearls can be made with irregularities to resemble a real pearl.
Having access to more advanced equipment or destroying the pearl, you have much more chances to be certain whether it is real or fake. A real pearl has countless layers of thin nacre while a cultured pearl has a tin layer of nacre and a thick core of mother of pearl. A faux pearl in its turn has a core coated with a flaky substance. One can also use X-ray to look inside without destroying the pearl and determine authenticity of the pearl as well as many other things.
There is another way to distinguish a real pearl from a faux pearl- you should look at a group of pearls. Placing them under a bright light, the sheen and color of pearls become more obvious. Faux pearls are almost identical in their coloring while natural pearls have slight variations in the coloring.
Be attentive shopping for pearl jewelry and pay your attention to various factors including the offered price.