Jewelry and Accessories

Accessories are essential and any outfit would be incomplete without good accessories. And if you want to look your best, use jewelry and accessories. For example, you need a soft scarf or several in the colors matching your wardrobe. You can wear your scarf not only round the neck, but round the head or as a belt in trousers or jeans.
Fashion jewelry trends 2012 may be surprising for some people and new designer solutions will be great! Jewelry has become integral part of life of most women and some men as well. And we shouldn't forget to stay creative and just adorn oneself with earrings, bracelets and necklaces in a usual way. You get much more use from the jewelry that is rarely or isn't used at all as well as from lovely inexpensive sterling silver jewelry you can buy online. Using pieces of clothes, fashion accessories and even some home decor things, you may accessorize and create completely new and unique outlook!
You may take your favorite purse or buy the plain one you like and attach a necklace along the strap by wrapping it around the handle or with small stitches. It will add your purse a real glamorous touch and attaching nice chain bracelet to zipper will be great too.
If you have plain pumps, flop flops or canvas tennis shoes that need to be decorated for better look, take your large earrings and clip one on the strap of a sandal, on the front of closed-toe shoes or on the back of a sneaker. You can also push the sparkling CZ stud earrings or others through the rubber flip flop strap or through the holes of lace-up shoes. It will add your shoes decorative touch.
Take your belt and add it sparkling elegant touch! Wind a necklaces or bracelet around the leather of the belt or clip earrings through the free belt holes and pull it carefully through the belt loops.
You can use your jewelry pieces that haven't been worn for years. Earrings can be turned into lovely wine markers, fabric headboard can be adorned with a long necklace and picture frame or candle can be decorated with a fine choker.
You can also turn your headband or plain hair clip into designer accessories. Add faux pearls to the headband affixing them with hot glue or you may hook dangle earring on the end of the hair clip.
It's great to have large jewelry collection and your jewelry hasn't to be expensive. Shop for cheap costume jewelry, affordable silver jewelry, imitation jewels, fake stone jewelry or semi-precious gemstone jewelry and other inexpensive jewelry pieces to wear and to accessorize.