A Jewelry Box

We all have at least several pieces of jewelry. We often wear silver earrings and bracelets, like to wear gemstone jewelry for special occasions and are crazy about diamond jewelry. Some of us enjoy wearing body piercing jewelry. And all these magnificent jewelry pieces need to have their own storage space. Do you have a jewelry box? And what do you know about it?

A jewelry box is a receptacle for jewels and ornaments. It may be covered with leather and be lined with satin. It may be small and large to be called jewelry cabinet. Often used to be made in ivory, silver or gold jewelry box is available in wood or china as well.

Jewelry box has special design to keep the jewelry safe. This magnificent box for jewels comes in variety of designs from the simplest ones to those playing music when opened. Jewelry boxes are designed not only for women. There are male and children jewelry boxes.

Nowadays jewelry box can be made out of various materials including plastic, silver, wood, nickel, fabric, crystal, leather, porcelain and others. Some materials go better with definite jewelry and it makes the choice. And you can not only buy jewelry box online but make it with your own hands.

Placing your jewelry in the jewelry box, don't forget the fact that gold should be stored away from diamonds and each diamond jewelry piece should be stored alone,