Jewelry Designs All Over the World

Jewelry is world-known way to highlight definite features, attract attention, complete the outlook, show off and express one's individuality. With properly chosen and matching jewelry a women can visually stretch the face, change its shape, take the sight off the drawbacks, make the eyes look bigger or smaller, etc. A simple dress can be turned into chic and amazing outlook with the help of jewelry set. It all depends on personal preferences. There are many world-known jewelry companies all over the world and the preferences in jewelry differ from country to country. Do you know what jewelry Europeans prefer and offer the world's jewelry market?

Italians offer gem treatments, bold gold with unusual links and bright colours. They begin to experiment with textures though most prefer polished gold. Widespread design element is diamond pave accent. The biggest trend among Italian designers is tri-colour and bi-colour gold. Small pieces like pendants, earrings or brooches often come with gemstones. If to peak about pearl jewelry Italians prefer three and more rows of pearls wired in a choker and accented with sapphires, rubies, diamonds or emeralds. Pearl is usually a part of the design in Italian jewelry- flower with a pearl in the centre, for example. Fauna and flora designs remain popular among Italians. Yellow gold with canary diamonds, rose god with pink diamonds and white gold with white diamonds in a floral motif- that is the Italian jewelry style. Cameo design jewelry is offered in different shapes, styles, colours and designs.

The French jewelry style is individualistic and fresh as their fashion approach. They offer two main variants of jewelry- ornate, large and gem-encrusted or elegant, small, classical, beautifully made and perfect for everyday wear. Flower motifs executed in emerald, sapphire, ruby and fancy diamond is loved by French jewelry designers.

German jewelry designs nowadays tend toward avant-garde. Crisp, clean lines and sleek geometrics are marks of German style. Slim collars, pins and earrings are most notable among the Germans. They mastered the art of unique and exclusive earrings. Slim and long dangle, geometric design element on the post, attached tube or wire and complementary element in the finish- this is predominant earrings style. Hoop earrings are also popular. Most pins have slender look and are made from gold or the mixture of platinum and gold. If diamond, it will be small.

English and Portuguese jewellers prefer antique design jewelry. More conservative and smaller high quality Spanish jewelry is. Singapore and Hong Kong jewelry companies offer mainly gem-studded jewelry. Avant-garde designs are offered by Finnish jewellers. online store has a wide choice of jewelry and together with own designs can be worn in best pieces of jewelry and shine with all its beauty and glory.