Jewelry Interesting Facts

Jewelry has been popular for thousand of years. There were so many ways and reasons to wear it and rituals connected with it. Nowadays jewelry has become integral part of our life. Fashion trends on jewelry are followed by millions of women all over the world and it's not surprising. Any woman wants to be more attractive, show off and be one-of-the-kind. And not only women are those who wear jewelry- in ancient world men wore even more jewelry pieces in some periods of history and a modern man may also have a stylish necklace or a ring in his collection.
There have always been interesting and strange customs, myths and stories about jewelry and everything connected with it. Let's remember some of them.

preal jewelry, necklace
  • In ancient world (mostly in Asia) people swallowed pearls in powdered form and whole pearls as a medicine to cure sicknesses. It's interesting that pearl can really help to cure upset stomach because they are made of antacid (calcium carbonate). So, it's better to enjoy the beauty of pearl jewelry wearing it and not swallowing.
  • People believed that gold came to the earth from the Sun. The Sun gods cried and gold were their tears.
  • Opal was believed to be a piece of heaven that fell from the sky during violent thunderstorms. Therefore in ancient world opal was said to bring good fortune and wisdom. Gemstone jewelry are very popular nowadays and each stone has its own history.
  • The largest pearl that has ever been found weighed 14 pounds.
  • The largest gold nugget was found in the USA in California and weighed 195 pounds.
  • One million dollars were paid for one carat red diamond at the auction.
  • You can crush a diamond, the hardest material mineral, to a powder of you hit it with a hammer.
  • Fancy diamonds are unique and come in all colours of the rainbow. The colour changes due to the chemical composition during formation of the diamond. More pure and intense the colour, more valuable and rarer the diamond.
  • 24k gold (pure form) is extremely soft and other metals are mixed with it to make durable jewelry. Therefore 14k gold jewelry is most popular and quality.
  • Platinum weighs 60% more than karat gold and high quality platinum jewelry is in great demand.

There are many unusual, funny, interesting and useful facts one should know about jewelry. It may not only help in shopping for quality jewelry pieces but to learn something new for oneself to flaunt one's knowledge somewhere. Jewelry world in unique and mysterious and it has always attracted people. Wearing jewelry is almost like wearing clothes nowadays. Do you have enough?