Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have been the most desired after gems for centuries during their inner glow and changeable beauty. In ancient times pearl was thought to possess magical power, it marked the social standard and symbolized wealth. Only famous and rich could allow having pearls until 1900s. That time pearls became available at an affordable price in cultured form. Man invented the way to grow cultured pearls by oysters. Cultured pearls provide jewelry market with the widest choice of pearl jewelry. Nowadays many famous women wear pearl jewelry and it means. Celebrities, make-up artists, fashion designers and other successful professionals influence the fashion world and wearing pearl jewelry they show that these magnificent jewelry pieces are immortal in jewelry world. Remember Audrey Heyburn and Princess Diana who were always examples of glamorous elegance and they love and wear pearl jewelry. Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth I of England were the owners of the most famous pearls known to the world.

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Origin, color, size, shape, luster, clarity and thickness of pearls influence their value. When pearl is free from flaws and any physical blemishes, possesses natural glow and radiance, is of symmetrical shape and large size, it is really expensive.
It doesn't matter what pearl jewelry you have- it may be natural pearl or cultured pearl jewelry - you should take proper care of them. Store your pearl jewelry is a soft lined box, linen cloth or a soft cloth pouch to prevent damage and scratches. Personal care products such as make-up, hairspray, body lotions or perfume may harm the surface of pearls and reduce their luster. Wear your pearl jewelry after you have used these products. Sweat can dull the luster and harm the surgace of the pearl due to natural acids it contains. Therefore you'd better remove your pearl jewelry before doing strenuous activity or exercising. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe your pearls after wear. Wash them with a mild liquid soap to remove harmful build-ups.
Pearl jewelry set is a magnificent gift for any woman because pearl jewelry suits all seasons and is always classy. Any woman has a small black dress in her wardrobe and nothing else but pearl jewelry will match it best of all. Originally designed and beautifully set pearl jewelry will create distinct look making you even more attractive and starring. Any event and place will be beautified with pearl jewelry and you can choose the color, size and shape of pearls, the material, the length or the size of jewelry piece to match your personality and your wardrobe. A modern glow of pearl jewelry is for any woman who wants to be beautiful and look elegant and classy.