Types of Ear Piercing

Among all types of body piercing, ear piercing has always been and reminds the most popular piercing among the youth as well as among people of all ages. It's done by men and women of different social positions and occupations. Types of ear piercing are so diverse that everyone can find something special for himself matching the lifestyle and meeting own needs.

Ear piercing ranges from rather painful and the most intricate to simple ones and especially teens love to adorn their ears with stylish ear piercing jewelry available in steel, titanium, silver, gold, platinum, plastics and other materials.

Ear can be pierced at least in nine parts and the type of piercing depends on the personal preference. And depending on these ear piercings places, we choose the definite ear piercing jewelry.

The most standard and popular is earlobe piercing. The hole is done in the earlobe and if nowadays it's the needle that is recommended for all types of piercing, before it was a piercing gun used to make earlobe piercing. Almost all types of jewelry can be worn in ear lobe piercing- it may be flesh tunnel, barbell of any type, simple stud, ring, etc.

The upper ear called helix is another place where piercing can be done. Helix piercing is rather popular nowadays. The hollow piercing needle of a small gauge is used to make the hole in the helix and studs and ball closure rings are common jewelry for such ear piercing type.

The part of ear cartilage adjacent to the ear canal is pierced with a hollow piercing needle of a large gauge. Such piercing is called conch piercing. Conch piercing jewelry includes circular barbells mainly.

Industrial piercings of the ear have become really popular and many teens and rock-stars go for it. Industrial piercing consists of two pierced holes on the upper ear. A single straight industrial barbell connects these two piercing holes as well as two different rings or barbells can be worn in each hole. Industrial piercing is unique in some way and gives many possibilities of realization and wearing various jewelry pieces.

One of the most painful ear piercings is rook piercing when the anti-helix of the ear is pierced. It's extremely sensitive part of the ear and great care should be taken during and after the rook piercing. Rook ear piercing jewelry may be closure rings and circular barbells.

Daith piercing jewelry is usually a small gauge ball closure ring or circular barbell. This type of ear piercing is done with a curved needle and is also popular due to its small size.

A small projection in the front of the canal of the ear is called tragus and when it's pierced with a low gauge, hollow needle we get a tragus piercing. Tiny circular barbell is the best choice as tragus piercing jewelry.

The inner cartilage of the ear in the anti-tragus can also be pierced. It is done through the ridge of the cartilage above the earlobe and it is the only thing that makes it different from tragus piercing.

Snug piercing is done through the anti-helix part of the ear and this type of ear piercing is less popular than others. And it makes it even more unique and interesting. Jewelry for snug piercing is available in variety of sizes and, as well as for any other ear piercing type, in multiple materials, designs and shapes.

Ear piercing has always been and will remain fashionable and it's great to have your own piercing jewelry collection to look new and great every day!