What to wear to a Wedding

There were times when most weddings were morning church affairs followed by a "wedding breakfast". And as well as old traditions, the way people dress to weddings have also changed. Of course, it depends on the kind of wedding and wedding wear runs the gamut from black-tie to very casual.
For ski-themed, outdoor wedding at a resort in Colorado groom and bride might wear black and white ski suits. Such wedding dictates slacks for men and casual dresses for women. The similar attire is for beach wedding. Cocktail dresses for ladies and suits and toes for men are necessary for a formal venue or a formal evening wedding in church. Children should wear their Sunday best.
Afternoon weddings are usually more semi-formal. The bridesmaids will wear tea-length dresses and the groom and his attendants will wear tuxedos. Ladies usually wear a nice dress and men wear jackets and ties to a wedding of this type. Outdoor weddings may necessitate less formal clothing such as fine blouse and skirt with low-heeled sandals for women.
The choice what to wear to a wedding also depends on the season. Dark colors and heavier fabrics are suitable for autumn and winter and lighter-weight fabrics are more suited for summer and spring.

If you are invited to informal weddings you can wear more casual clothes such as dressy slacks or a blouse and skirt for women and slacks and a sport shirt for men.
The choice of jewelry also depends on the place and time of the wedding but there are some rules which should be followed. Don't wear the jewelry common for the bride. It usually includes diamond and pearl sets. Choose something elegant like classical gold or silver jewelry, antique designs and Vintage style or your gemstone lovely pieces.
The choice of wedding dress and suit depends on the person's taste and may vary from place to place and depending on the age and religion. But there are some common rules of what people shouldn't wear to any wedding. Men's clothes should be in good condition. And they shouldn't wear T-shirts and jeans. Women shouldn't seek to compete with the bride and shouldn't wear too-tight or revealing clothing such as low-cut blouses and tops or short skirts. Children should be dresses neatly. Good manners and good taste rule the wedding day.