12th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift ideas for the 12th wedding anniversary, here is some useful information for you. Silk is the traditional material for 12th anniversary and linen is also traditional and modern gift.

pearl bracelets
  • Consider silk tie for him and silk pajama for her.
  • A bouquet of silk roses will be great.
  • If you want to surprise your partner, buy yourself new silk underwear and create romantic atmosphere- nice dinner, candles and the night will be only yours.
  • Pearl is modern 12th anniversary material and you can consider oyster with a real pearl inside.
  • Pearl jewelry for her and black pearl cuff links or bracelet for him would be perfect.
  • Peonies are traditional flowers for 12th anniversary and the beautiful bouquet of these flowers will do nicely.
  • The 12th anniversary gemstone is jade and you may choose jade jewelry.