13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for the 13th wedding anniversary of your friends or relatives, or you are going to celebrate this event yourself, here is some useful information for you. Lace is traditional material for 13th anniversary and its modern alternative is faux fur and textiles.

  • A bouquet of lace roses or the 13th anniversary flowers hollyhocks will be great.
  • Antique candle-lit and beautiful tablecloth with the nice romantic dinner will be great gift for her.
  • Sexy lace lingerie for romantic night will surprise him.
  • Fur coat for her and snazzy new suit for him are good ideas.
  • Citrine is the gemstone for the 13th wedding anniversary and citrine jewelry would be one of the best gifts for her.
  • Anniversary scrapbook with lace affixed to the cover.
  • Consider 13 small to extravagant gifts will do nicely. You can give one more gift each half an hour or hour of this special day.
  • Animal print furniture is a good variant.
  • Consider lace mantel scarf.
  • Lace pillows or curtains for home decor would be great.
  • Faux fur outwear and handbag will make nice presents.