14th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for the 14th wedding anniversary for your friends or relatives, or you are going to celebrate this event yourself, here are some gift ideas for you. Ivory is traditional material associated with the 14th anniversary and alternate modern material is gold.

  • Consider a piano which keys were constructed of ivory and though controversial material is used nowadays, piano keys still are referred to as "the ivories". Piano will always be a perfect gift, and even if no one from the couple plays the piano, their children may learn to do that as well as their parents in future.
  • Elephant is a symbol of good luck and in some Asian cultures it also symbolizes mentally and physically strength. Consider lovely framed or sculptural works of art depiction the image of elephant. Such fine artworks will complement almost any decor and bring luck and symbolism.
  • A bouquet of beautiful dahlias will be great as dahlia is the traditional 14th anniversary flower.
  • The gemstone for the 14th anniversary is opal and opal jewelry will be a great choice.
  • Gold is another material for perfect gifts and you can choose any type of jewelry in yellow and white gold.
  • You can combine the symbolism of elephants and modern 14th anniversary material and buy an elegant gold elephant pendant, necklace or bracelet.