15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for 15th wedding anniversary of your friends or your relatives, or you may plan the celebration of your anniversary, here are some gift ideas for you. The traditional 15th anniversary gift is crystal while the modern is glass. And alternate modern is watch.

  • Consider crystal candlesticks.
  • Crystal earrings will be great gift for woman.
  • A set of crystal wine glasses with the messages and pictures on them painted by you or someone else close to the family. Use high-gloss acrylic enamel paint and paintbrushes and create your own designed glasses. This gift can be completed with the bottle of wine of the year of marriage.
  • A vintage pocket watch for him and a watch with crystals around the face or in the wristband for her will do nicely.
  • Consider a crystal cake stand and order the similar to the wedding cake. Ask to pipe the message you want on the top.
  • Roses are traditional 15th anniversary flowers and the crystal vase with beautiful roses in it will be magnificent gift.
  • A crystal picture frame with photo of the happy couple.
  • Consider tickets for new experience.
  • Crystal anniversary clock with engravings will be good.
  • A lovely jewelry box that may be accented with crystals with a lovely piece of jewelry in it.
  • Ruby is traditional gemstone for the 15th anniversary and ruby jewelry is most wanted gift.
  • Glass bead bracelets or other glass jewelry will be nice present.