16th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gifts for the 16th wedding anniversary of your relatives or friends, or maybe you are going to celebrate your 16th anniversary, you'll find some useful information and gift ideas here. Silver hollowware is the modern gift for 16th anniversary. Silver is diverse and abundant, do you'll always find something perfectly matching the couple that has been living together for 16 years.

  • Consider beautiful cutlery sets.
  • Silver picture frames matching the design of the sitting-room or silver photo album will be great.
  • Special dining service piece in silver or silver teapot set would do nicely.
  • Woman will appreciate antique silver jewelry box or hairbrush.
  • Traditional gemstones for the 16th wedding anniversary are peridot and aquamarine. Peridot is said to have powers of protection and love and it is believed that wearing aquamarine brings the women wealth and joy and bring a happy marriage. So, you can choose elegant peridot earrings and ring, magnificent aquamarine necklace and pendant.
  • Silver jewelry without gems will also be great presents. Consider sterling silver jewelry.
  • Buy her favorite flowers in her favorite color and create the unique bouquet.
  • Plan a vacation connected with the number 16. It's always pleasant to have some rest even for several days.
  • A trip to the place of the dream will be unforgettable gift.