18th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the magnificent gift for the 18th wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas for you. Choose the one depending on the budget and your relationship with the persons who celebrate 18 years of life together. Traditional gift for 18th anniversary is porcelain. It is memorable and classy gift option and it can be expanded in ceramic types which makes your choice wider.

  • A full-scale renovation of the bathroom will be great but it should be decided together with the couple.
  • Consider ceramic vases and bowls, pitchers and platters, porcelain keepsake box and figurine.
  • There are porcelain sculptures specifically designed for the 18th anniversary.
  • Certificate for ceramic class will do nicely.
  • You can personalized the gift by hand-painting the poem dedicated to the couple or their celebration onto the decorative porcelain dish, plate or vase.
  • Men will appreciate classical porcelain shaving or grooming set. Consider tie clips, porcelain cuff links or business card holder.
  • Women will enjoy jewelry. Traditional gem for the 18th anniversary is cat's eye (chrysoberyl). This stone is meaningful, resistant to breaking and exceptionally tough. Its color varies from apple green to golden brown and honey brown, so you can find the cat's eye jewelry perfectly matching your woman.
  • Romantic picnic in favorite park or at the beach with flowers in the porcelain vase and drinks in small porcelain cups will be great.
  • Other stone of the 18th anniversary is turquoise and you can choose elegant turquoise earrings and ring or other turquoise jewelry that is magnificent and eye-catching.