19th Weding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If your friends, relatives or you are going to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary and you search for the special gift, here are some information and gift ideas that may be useful for you. The gift for the 19th anniversary should reflect the charm of all these years. Traditional gift for 19th anniversary is bronze. And being trendy and practical metal, bronze presents multiple gift possibilities.

  • Consider bronze jewelry. It is said to possess some mystical and health beliefs. Bronze tie tacks, cufflinks and rings for men and antique designs or modern elegant bracelets for women.
  • Bronze sculptures will be great. Consider bronze sculptured flowers or the sculpture of hugging couple in bronze.
  • Consider garden decorations and tools which are often found in bronze. Enthusiastic gardeners will enjoy special gardening equipment made of bronze.
  • Bronze fireplace accessories and tools would be good present for the couple that loves to unwind in front of crackling fire.
  • Bronze house number, bronze framed mirror, curtain rods or paperweights will do nicely.
  • Traditional gemstones of the 19th anniversary are aquamarine and topaz. Topaz was believed to be a protector from harm in ancient Egypt and it is said to possess healing powers. This eye-catching and stunning stone is available in variety of colors and topaz jewelry is loved by women.
  • Aquamarine is considered a lucky stone. And it is believed to promote a happy marriage. Aquamarine jewelry is beautiful and appealing.
  • Consider romantic gift ideas such as weekend in the honeymoon place or picnic with family.