1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gifts for your couple or foe your friends or relatives for the 1st wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas for you. Traditionally the 1st wedding anniversary is paper anniversary and nowadays it's also known as clock anniversary.
Paper is wonderful way of celebrating the anniversary of a young couple because it's usually the time when they are starting or already celebrating the career and decorate their house.

  • Consider tickets to the movie, theater, concert of favorite musicians or whatever depending on the budget and tastes. You may also give tickets to exotic cruise or tour to the Europe.
  • Photo in a magnificent photo frame will be grate. You can also take the photo of young couple each month or each weak and create unusual and wonderful album of the first year of their life together.
  • Books are another variation of paper gift. The latest best seller, a book on romantic getaways or the book of his/her favorite author will do nicely.
  • Matching accessories. They may be watches or rings, bracelets or scarves. Choose elegant and lovely pieces of jewelry, clothes or accessories wearing which the young couple will show everybody that they are together.
  • Consider gift certificates for everything they need.
  • Paper goods for parties for the whole year. Paper napkins, plates and cups for each holiday will be useful and unusual gift.
  • To compliment the home of the young couple, choose original drawing or painting.
  • Games that can be played by two and more players will be great for those who like spending time playing. Board games for evenings with family, friends and just together will be nice gift.