20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If your relatives, friends or you are going to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas, here are some useful gift ideas for you. Traditional gift for 20th anniversary is china. Timelessness, delicacy and elegance are the properties of china which mirror the properties one can find in a lasting marriage.

  • Consider lovely vases, dishes and figurines.
  • China platter can be personalized with dates and names or painted with images of groom and bride.
  • Grand trip to China will be perfect and unforgettable present.
  • China doll rose will fill gardens with pink floral clusters and will please any person especially enthusiastic gardeners.
  • Modern metal for the 20th anniversary is platinum. Consider platinum jewelry. It is strong, corrosion resistant and is associated with wealth. If platinum is too expansive for you, consider silver jewelry.
  • Traditional 20th anniversary gemstone is emerald. This expensive and rare gem is believed to aid in love and healing. Emerald jewelry will make her happy.
  • You can create a photo book of your life together.
  • All-inclusive trip will surprise anyone.
  • If he/she loves sport, tickets to the favorite game will be great.
  • Personalized gift basket with 20 different gifts in it will do nicely.