21st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you, your relatives or friends are going to celebrate the 21st wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas and information that may be useful for you! Traditional gifts are gifts of nickel and brass. And don't forget to add heartfelt enthusiasm and personal touch.

  • Fireplace accessories, wind chimes and furniture in brass will do nicely.
  • Brass corkscrew with a nice bottle of champagne.
  • Consider a brass picture frame with a photo from the wedding.
  • Both man and woman will appreciate brass jewelry in vintage and modern styles.
  • Nickel is another gift suggestion for the 21st anniversary. Consider nickel-plated boxes, lamp or new drawer pulls.
  • The wedding Quaich is the ornate cup designed for two and it's available in nickel and brass. It symbolizes the promise of two persons and their union.
  • Traditional gemstone for 21st anniversary is iolite. This violet and sparkling gem was used by Vikings as a secret navigation tool and though it is rare and eye-catching, its price is quite affordable. Iolite jewelry will be great present.
  • You can forget about traditions and give the couple (or each other) something they really need. It can be a new mobile phone, newest laptop and docking station, iPhone.