22nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you, your friends or relatives are going to celebrate the 22nd wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas and useful information for you. Cooper is traditional material for the 22nd anniversary gifts. Cooper has the highest recycling rate of any engineering metal in the world.

  • Cooper jewelry is said to possess healing properties.
  • Cooper kitchenware and cookware will be great gifts.
  • Unique cooper garden sculptures will please enthusiastic gardeners.
  • Cooper artwork will also make a memorable anniversary gift.
  • A patio renovated with cooper theme will be magnificent gift.
  • Consider the trip to the place where they (you) have never been but have dreamt to.
  • Traditional gemstone for the 22nd wedding anniversary is spinel. It is hard and brilliant gem popular among collectors and dealers. It is rare but not expensive and spinel jewelry will be great gift. Any woman will enjoy vibrant and red colors of this stone that is similar to ruby
  • If you are going to make a nice gift to your partner, you can please him/her for 22 days before the anniversary giving a small gift and surprise each day. It may be romantic dinner, a coupon for massage, 22 flowers, small cooper statuette and other gifts showing your love and friendship.
  • Silver jewelry is another great gift for the 22nd anniversary and silver pendant or bracelet as well as silver cuff links and ring will be nice.