23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you, your friends or relatives are going to celebrate the 23rd wedding anniversary, here is some information and gift ideas for you. There are no traditional gifts for the 23rd anniversary but silver-plated and topaz gifts are the most popular modern variants.

  • Consider silver-plated pen, jewelry box or decorative plate. You can engrave intimate and special note on such gifts making them deeply personalized.
  • Silver plated candle sticks or vase with 23 flowers in it.
  • Consider silver-plated bar sets.
  • Silver jewelry is another magnificent gift idea. Silver cuff links and ring for men and elegant silver earrings and necklace for women will do nicely. You can buy similar pieces of sterling silver jewelry for them.
  • Topaz is obvious choice of gem for the 23rd anniversary and locket, cross or heart necklace with topaz as well as other topaz jewelry will be great present.
  • You can also choose topaz colored tie or scarf.
  • If he likes sports, favorite sport gear or tickets to the play will be appreciated.
  • She has been dreaming of vacation in Italy or somewhere not far from home?- Consider the tour of her dream.

To find the perfect gift matching your budget, you should consider some questions. Do you want to see number 23 in your gift? Will it be antique or contemporary gift? Do the recipients have a favorite hobby or sport? Will they enjoy receiving gift certificate for anything? Do they have a specific collection? There are far more questions. Make the list yourself and you'll find the perfect variant of the 23rd anniversary gift.