24th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If your relatives, friends or you are going to celebrate the 24th wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas and useful information for you.

  • Musical instruments are considered to be one of the best gift ideas for the 24th anniversary. Consider any kind of musical instruments. It doesn't matter if the recipients will use them to make music or just to decorate the home bringing a musical ambiance in it. You may choose lute, piano, violin, harp, lute, guitar, pan flute, bassoon, maracas, bongos, drums or saxophone.
  • Musical lessons for the beginners will be great.
  • Concert tickets to jazz festival or the symphony will do nicely.
  • Collection of CDs with favorite musical genre.
  • Tanzanite is the gemstone for the 24th wedding anniversary and tanzanite jewelry is perfect choice. Consider tanzanite necklace, earrings or for women and tanzanite cuff links or tie tack for men.
  • Consider personalized scrapbook with photos and memorable tickets or elegant photo frames.
  • Her favorite flowers in the vase in the form of musical instrument.
  • 24 small gifts each in beautiful packing or gift box.