25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for the 25th wedding anniversary for your loved one, your friends or close relatives, here are some useful information and gift ideas for you. It's not easy to bring the love, friendship and commitment to each other through 25 years and this anniversary is really a great event. Traditional gift for 25th anniversary is silver.

  • Consider silver goblets, platters or door knockers.
  • Silver photo frame and photo album on which you can engrave the date of the wedding or anniversary.
  • Sterling silver jewelry will be great. You can buy matching jewelry pieces for the couple.
  • Choose the movies or songs reminding of each year of the couple spent together and give them a DVD player and this unique collection.
  • Silver plate or silver mantel clock with engravings would be nice presents.
  • Consider gift card to their favorite restaurant or the theater.
  • Cake with edible photo of the couple will be unusual gift that will please everyone.
  • If they enjoy travelling, you can bock a long trip to their favorite place, cruise or just plan a weekend at nature.