26th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you or your relatives and friends are going to celebrate the 26th wedding anniversary, you'll find some information and gift ideas here. The gifts for this anniversary are original pictures. If you have decided to give the original picture as the gift, first answer the questions about the couple and these answers will help you to make the perfect choice. Do they have favorite hobby? What are the most important things for the couple? Do they have a pet? What are their favorite colors? Do they have a favorite city or just a rest spot?

  • You may draw or paint the picture on the subject that means something special for the couple and put it in beautiful frame. It's a perfect variant for the artists.
  • If you are less artistic, you may scan images in the computer and use software programs to enhance and manipulate them.
  • Image collages, picture note cards and stationery can be also made with your own hands.
  • Traditional gemstone for the 26th anniversary is jade. This magnificent stone comes in a variety of colors including shades of green, yellow, orange and red. Consider jade jewelry. It may be set of earrings and matching jade necklace .
  • Carved jade paperweight would be nice present.
  • Jade plant, the money tree that is Chinese symbol of prosperity, will make great present.