27th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If your friends, relatives or you yourself are going to celebrate the 27th wedding anniversary, here are some useful gift ideas and information for you. The years of marriage have sculpted the couple's view on love, life and family. And modern anniversary gift to celebrate this special event is sculpture. And choosing the gift don't forget that sculpture can be of diminutive proportions as well as really big and middle ones.

  • Consider romantic sculpture. Paul Jenkins's interpretation of The Kiss in bronze, "The Kiss" of August Rodin, sculptures of couples in wood, ivory and bronze will have special meaning as the gift for the 27th anniversary.
  • Traditional sculpture gift ideas also will do nicely. Consider sculptures with classical or historical significance.
  • Modern sculptures will be perfect for the couples who like abstract art. Sculptures in stone, silver, bronze, ceramics, wood, hard plastics and other materials usually have in their subject abstract significance.
  • Consider spiritual sculpture gifts. Sculpture of angel, Madonna and Child, the Buddha or other statue symbolizing the beliefs of the couple will be great.
  • Carved bookends or carved vase are other nice gifts for the 27th anniversary.
  • Technologically useful things will do nicely. Consider lightweight laptop or docking station for convenience or new mobile phone.
  • First aid kits of various types will be perfect gift.
  • And of course, you may choose elegant jewelry. There is no special gem for this anniversary, so you can choose any you want.