28th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for magnificent gift for the 28th wedding anniversary of your friends, relatives or for your loved one as it is your anniversary, here you'll find some information and gift ideas for you.

Modern gift suggestion for this anniversary is orchids. The delicate beauty, unusual patterns and vibrant colors make the orchids highly prized. There are various kinds of orchids- monopodial and sympodial. Monopodial orchids are the easiest to obtain through local resources but they tend to have fewer blooms. Phalaenopsis, Angraecum and Vanda are the mose widespread botanical names of such orchids. Sympodial orchids tend to have many blooms but there are only several resources to order them. Botanical names of some are Miltonia, Cattleya, Dendrobium and Oncidium.
If you have decided to buy orchid, consider a decorative pot and a misting can.
You can also choose orchid oriented gifts such as orchid-inspired jewelry. Any woman will be happy to receive elegant silver orchid necklace or orchid pendant. If she doesn't like orchid, just choose the floral design jewelry.
Consider decorative pillows with orchid theme or orchid-stamped stepping stones for the garden.
Orchid liqueur or orchid paperweights will do nicely.
If you are thinking how to surprise your wide or husband at your anniversary, think of a romantic outing to the place of your first date or favorite restaurant.