29th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the perfect gift for your loved one, your relatives or friends, here are some gift ideas and useful information for you. Modern gift guidelines for the 29th anniversary recommend new furniture.

If you choose new furniture as a gift, take in mind the following things:

  • Your tastes may differ from the tastes of the couple.
  • Consider the place where the couple live and their lifestyle.
  • Decide on your budget. New furniture is usually expensive.
  • If the couple is interested in art.
  • You will choose between outdoor and indoor furniture.
  • You can make new furniture yourself. Handmade jewelry is highly valued.
  • What color schemes present in the current furnishing.

If you aren't sure and don't want to buy furniture yourself, you ask the couple about the type and design of furniture they like or you may choose other decorator items for home. You may also consider gift certificate to online or local furniture store.
If the couple live in the house and enjoy entertaining outdoors, for example, on their patio by the pool, you may buy new patio furniture- loungers, table, chairs, hammock or something else.
There are rooms where new furniture is almost always needed- kitchen, gym, media room, entryway, home office, garden area, dining room, bedroom and some others.
If you are searching for the gift for your loved one, think of romantic trip or dinner in the circle of close relatives and friends or something special for you two.
There is no special gemstone for the 29th anniversary and therefore you can buy any jewelry you like. After 29th years of marriage women usually prefer elegant jewelry and classical designs. They enjoy wearing expensive gemstone jewelry without fear of loosing or breaking it because children are already grown-ups and the life is more restful.