2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift ideas for the 2nd wedding anniversary for your couple or your friends or relatives who married 2 years ago, here is some useful information for you. Second anniversary is also called cotton anniversary. It symbolizes the feeling of comfort in the relationship of the young couple. So, the gifts for the second wedding anniversary should be cozy like the cotton.

wild cotton
  • You can make the shirt or two with the photo of loving couple.
  • Consider cotton robe with gift certificate for a spa salon.
  • The second anniversary gemstone is garnet and garnet jewelry for her as well as for him would be great presents.
  • Elegant yet comfortable sleepwear will be great.
  • Consider cotton flowers. You can create your own cotton gift with the help of cotton balls.

If you are one from the young couple and want to make your loved one unforgettable 2nd anniversary gift, here are some ideas:

  • A special dinner for just you two, a sexy dress and atmosphere will make your husband really happy. As well as you can show your love to the young wife making her favorite dish for candlelight dinner or the dinner in her favorite restaurant.
  • Buy new soft pillows and bed linen and spend the day in bed.
  • Prepare 2 romantic days for you- take a weekend getaway.
  • Send him/her romantic messages telling how strong and big your love is.
  • Give your loved one two gifts instead of one to celebrate the 2nd anniversary.

The alternative to cotton is modern China variant of gifts.

  • Ceramic sculptures.
  • Porcelain roses or art vases.
  • China dinnerware and kitchenware.