30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for perfect gift for the 30th wedding anniversary of your relatives or friends, or you are going to celebrate this special event yourself, here are some gift ideas and information for you. Traditional gifts for 30th anniversary are ivory and pearls.

Pearls are the most elegant gems and natural freshwater pearls, Tahitian, cultured Akoya and other pearls will make gift full of fine taste and tradition.

  • Consider pearl cuff links or black pearl ring for him and any imaginable pearl jewelry for her. The choice of lovely female design pearl jewelry is huge and nice pearl earrings, elegant pearl necklace, magnificent pearl pendant and eye-catching pearl bracelet are just few from the list.
  • The excursion to the Pearl Islands will be great gift for those who love to travel.
  • Pearl party is another great idea. The party area can be decorated with pearl-inspired items such as cream-colored and white opalescent balloons, glass vases may be filled with fake pearls, the garlands from the faux pearls may be draped from the ceiling and off the chairs. You may also cover the tables with light pink tablecloths and set them with cream colored and white dishes.
  • Consider pearl in shell. You may create your own shell with two pearls and the words of congratulations.
  • Sweet pea is the flower assigned to 30th anniversary. And you may give a lovely bouquet of sweet peas.