3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for your loved one or the young couple for the 3rd wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas and information for you. The 3rd anniversary is the leather anniversary or the modern alternative is glass and crystal.

  • Consider elegant leather jewelry box or three leather roses. If leather gifts don't appeal to you, choose crystal or glass personalized gift.
  • The combination of glass and leather can be good realized in leather-framed mirror.
  • Consider leather desk set.
  • Leather wallet or handbag would be great present.
  • Leather picture frame with wedding photo.
  • Designer dress shoes or leather belt.
  • If he or she is in sport, leather ball for his favorite game will do nicely.
  • Glassware will always please a woman.

If you are searching for the magnificent gift for your loved one, celebrate your 3rd anniversary with creative gifts.

  • Consider high quality tent and camping gear. Backpack, water-purifying tables, hanging lantern, fire starters, new camping utensils and plates for food will be great. You can surprise your loved one with the dinner outside in the new tent. prepare his/her favorite food, light small candles and this romantic evening will win the heart of your partner once again.
  • If your loved one loves cars and you can afford buying the car of his/her dreams, it will be the greatest gift. Try to choose the model with parts that can be replaces and easily found. Tow the car to your garage and make it shine. Put a big bow on the hood and make it a great surprise. You'll definitely hear the happy cries of your loved one.
  • If he/she spends much time working in sitting position with the laptop or books, a comfortable leather chair will be great present (you can add a new laptop or laptop accessories). You can blindfold your partner and lead her/him to the chair surrounded with the things she/he likes. So, your loved person will know that he will always find your support and will have an opportunity to relax at home.
  • The 3rd wedding anniversary gemstones are pearl and jade. Consider elegant and stylish silver pearl jewelry or jade jewelry.