40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you or your relatives and friends are going to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas and useful information for you. All 40th anniversary gift ideas, both modern and traditional, have red as the common thread. Red color symbolizes power, passion and love and gifts in red are what you need.

  • Think of ruby jewelry. Unsurpassed beauty and striking color makes ruby one of the most valuable gem in the world. This stone has been the most favorite among dynasties and royalty, collectors and celebrities. Rubies are most available in cushion, round and oval shapes in jewelry. Ruby earrings, ruby necklace and ruby bracelet as well as ruby ring would be perfect presents for the 40th anniversary.
  • Garnet is another gemstone suggested as a gift for 40th anniversary. Though this gem is available in variety of colors, choose rich red garnet as a gift. Garnet is valued not only for its beauty but for its protective power. Stylish and stunning garnet jewelry will be magnificent gift.
  • The 40th anniversary flower is nasturtium. This amazing plant is available in red blooms. The flowers and leaves of nasturtium are edible and they are usually added as a salad garnish.
  • Beautiful bouquet of 40 blooms of her favorite flowers will do nicely.
  • A memorable vacation to the place they have never been or to the place they love and have special memories about would be great.