4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for gift ideas for your 4th wedding anniversary or the anniversary of your friends and relatives, here are some pieces of advice for you. Traditionally the 4th anniversary is linen anniversary. And therefore you may consider linen handkerchiefs, tie, shirt, robe or pillow.

Modern 4th anniversary gifts are electric appliances.

  • Men will appreciate screwdriver and electric drill.
  • To make the weekends at home and outside better, consider grill.
  • Router and compressor as well as miter saw and pressure washer will please any man.
  • The young wife will like bread maker, coffee maker or ice cream maker.
  • Blender, mixer, steam or vacuum cleaner will be great.

The other proper gifts for the 4th anniversary include fruits and flowers and everything connected with them.

  • Consider seeds to grow the own flowers or fruits.
  • Potted plants will be great.
  • Lovely pictures or frames with flowers or fruits for decoration.

The 4th anniversary gemstones are amethyst and topaz. Men will appreciate ring, silver cuff links and money clip in silver or gold accented with amethyst or topaz. Women will be happy to receive topaz earrings and ring, amethyst bracelet and necklace.
And of course, you can give your loved one creative, above price gift such as a song written by you and telling about your love, funny poems about you, a movie showing your life together.