5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for the 5th wedding anniversary for your relatives or friends or even for your partner, you'll find here some gift ideas that may be useful. Wood gifts are traditional for the 5th anniversaries and silver gifts are modern alternative.

  • Tableware is one of the best gifts for young couple. Consider a set of wooden bowls and chopsticks and silverware spoons as well as other wooden things useful for kitchen.
  • Prepare the weekend in or near the forest. The anniversary party can also take place in the forest- it will be unusual and give much space for imagination.
  • Keepsake box will be great gift. They already have sweet memories after 5 year of life together and this nice box will provide them with required artistic space.
  • Consider a decorative or a flower tree if they have enough space in the house or in the garden. A silver family tree is a good alternative.
  • Wood furniture and wood sculptures would also be great presents.
  • Gardening gifts will be good for those who have garden and love to spend time there.
  • Wooden tea or coffee set.
  • The 5th anniversary gemstones are sapphire and pink tourmaline. And sapphire earrings, bracelet or ring as well as pink tourmaline jewelry would be great.