7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for the 7th wedding anniversary for your friends or you are going to celebrate your anniversary, here you'll find some gift ideas that may be useful. The seventh anniversary is cooper anniversary and its traditional gifts are things made of brass, wool or copper.

  • Wool sweater in favorite color, woolen hat or socks will do nicely.
  • Consider wool blanket as well as wool towels.
  • Consider wool ugg boots for her.
  • Copper cookware set with pans, baking dishes and pots will be great.
  • Cooper ring, necklace or classic watch with engraving on the back will please woman as well as man. You can buy matching pieces of jewelry.
  • To decorate the house, choose cooper picture frame, vase or sculpture.
  • Desk set is modern gift associated with the 7th anniversary. Desk set with variations for letter openers, pen holders and pens, memo cases and desk pads, calendar holders and globes, coasters and paperweights is good choice.
  • The 7th anniversary gemstones are sapphire and onyx. Elegant ring or earrings accented with sapphire for her and >onyx cuff links or ring for him will be magnificent presents.