9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are searching for the gift for the 9th wedding anniversary of your friends or relatives, or may be it's your anniversary and you want to give your loved one special present, here are some gift ideas and information for you. The traditional 9th anniversary gifts include willow and pottery.

  • If you want to make a romantic gift, the poppies in personalized wedding vase will be great.
  • Consider whimsical willow woven picnic basket. You may surprise your partner with a private picnic.
  • Art glass or artisan pottery vase are nice presents.
  • A willow corner table, footstool or rocking chair would be magnificent gifts.
  • Leather gifts may be useful for home such as mirror in leather frame or photo frames in leather as well as personal such as leather wallet or engraved leather cigar set.
  • You can also take a pottery making lessons together.
  • Leather briefcase, leather belt or engraved leather CD case and his favorite band's CD would do nicely.
  • Leather jewelry box with elegant ring inside or cuff links will win any heart once again.
  • The 9th wedding anniversary gemstones are lapis lazuli and tiger eye. Choose matching her/his lifestyle and personality jewelry accented with tiger eye or lapis lazuli.
  • You can give 9 different small and big gifts for the 9th anniversary.